Bogács - Bogács Thermalbath

Bogács  Thermalbath :: Bogács accomodation :: Guesthouse

Prices and tickets :
The thermal bath opens all year.
off season (01. Jan - 15. May and 16.Sept - 31.Dec)v
Adult : 630 Ft
Children : 480 Ft
Adult : 850 Ft
Children : 650 Ft

Thermal water
The 34-38 Celsius degree thermal water was discovered during oil drilling in 1950s. The termal bath offers 5 pools, 1 pool for kids and 1 swimming pool.

The bath is open all year.

Some of the diseases that thermal water of Bogacs is can be curative. in the acute stages of degenerative and inflamed articular diseases and spinal diseases; different kinds of chronic radiculopathia and lumbo-ischialgia; in diseases of the muscle that are accompanied by chronic muscle pain.

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Bogács - Bükkalja Wineyard

Bükkalja Wineyard :: Bogács accomodation :: Siesta Guesthouse

Similarly to the wine regions Eger and Tokaj wine is stored here in - sometimes huge - cellars hollowed in rhyolite-tuff. Some of the walls and columns are decorated by the precious works of peasant stonecutters. The famous wine of Miskolc was aged in cellars covered with thick mould. On the hill Avas, which is altogether 100 metres high, once there used to be rich vineyards. On its slopes more than a thousand cellars were hollowed. From the XIXth century champagne-basis-wines have been produced here as well.

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Bogács - National Park of the Bükk

National Park of the Bükk :: Bogács accomodation :: Siesta Guesthouse

The manifold carst forms, caves, canyons, striking cliffs of Bükk-mountains and the rarities of its flora and fauna attract hundred thousands of visitors from year to year.

The first highland national park of Hungary was established in 1977 and it currently involves 43,254 hectares of conservation area.

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Bogács - Fishing Lake

Fishing Lake :: Bogács accomodation :: Siesta Guesthouse

On the road from Bogacs to Eger, you can see at the end of Bogacs, the local fish pond. You can try to catch your dinner!

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Bogács - Hivestones - Look-out tower

Hivestones - Look-out tower :: Bogács accomodation :: Siesta Guesthouse

You can go to visit the famous and mysterious "Hive rocks", which are hive looking creations in the soft tufa rocks. We do not know exactly what are there and made for what.

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