Bogács - About the Guesthouse

Siesta Guesthouse is waiting for you and your family in Bogács with silent, beautiful ambience.

The Guesthouse is in the central and 10 minutes from the bath of Bogács. There are parking opportunities in front of the house and in the court.

The guesthouse can be found at 20 Andornak street in very nice ambience.

The Siesta Guesthouse is separated for two detached houses. The bigger house can receive 8 persons and the smallest one can 2.

Our guesthouse is perfect for families because we offer a whole house, not just a room.

The bigger house have two separated rooms, each able to receive 4-4 persons comfortable amd can be expanded with spare beds. All the rooms are ample enough and equipped well. a dayroom can be found in the central part of the house. The two rooms, kitchen, lunchroom, bathroom can be found easily from there.

The smallest house is like a flatlet, can receive 2 persons. It has small kitchen and a bathroom.

Each house has:

  • pots
  • cutleries
  • cleaning supplies
  • bedclothes
  • fridge
  • TV
  • microwave oven

We offer programmes for our guests not just in Bogács, but in the neighborhood too!

You are wellcome
in the Siesta Guesthouse
from May to September
in Bogács!

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Bogács - Advantages of the house

  • Silent ambience
  • Renewed up to par
  • Beautiful panorama
  • Camping opportunity
  • Outdoor cooking, grill
  • Winecellar

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Bogács - Prices

Adults: 2500 Ft/person/night

Children: 2000 Ft/person/night (under 18)

Under 3 years, it is free of charge!

The prices contain tax.

Opening: from April - to October


Phone: 06/30-259-62-06
Contact: Nagy Leonóra

Bank account: 11773346-01104712

Please send us the 30% of the room price for real booking and we call you back! (Fill the notice with your name, number of persons, arriving date, contact details.)

Leaving accomodation: until 10:00

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Bogács - Send us your booking now!

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